Tuesday, January 20, 2009

our waiter john is so cool he is funnny. he is a good lip singer. do you see that towel, its suppose to be a bikini.haha

the other part of our cruise was the Bahamas. yess tanning kicks in a lot

14 floor the games

The best deck of all the sports court. The 14 floor had basketball,soccer,dogeball,golf.in line scating,pingpong,ect. The 3 floor was the ice scating ring that was fun. The 4 floor was the bar... haha

Airports Are Boring!!

We went on a cruise last year in 2008 it was so FUN... when we all finished are cruise we went to the airport a little early like 9 hours. It was boring just waiting there all hungry, shopping and what not. Good thing i grabed a few frootloops before i left. Aww i loved the cruise so much hanging out with new friends, girls, and the best sneaking in to casinos. They caught me so i gave michelle some of my money to gamble for me. Shes not very good at it so i lost it all.

One Of My Soccer Games

I guess my mom sneaked a picture of me. Oh mom

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dang i got STRONG!!

Good thing im in the family to provide some muscle. My family needs help sometimes doing manly work but i say have no fear because my muscles are hear to help .... Here scroll down to the picture below when im helping aubrey up the wall,yeah I did the with my left hand pinki.